Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Perfect Place for Viewing Bali

Garuda Wisnu Kencana
There are plenty of places to enjoy the sunset in Bali, one of them was at Garuda Wisnu Kencana or 'GWK'. Here, you can watch the sunset from a height of 263 meters above sea level with a handsome statue of Lord Vishnu.

Only 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, 25 minutes from Kuta and 20 minutes from Nusa Dua, you will arrive at the GWK. It covers an area of 240 hectares and in this place will be built the world's tallest statue. From here you can view some of the island of Bali.

GWK air is cool and the scenery is completely green. Not only that, here you can see the architecture and the carvings of Balinese artists. Carvings etched into the walls and sculptures shaped, providing distinctive feel for you.


One of the sculptures is the famous statue of the god Vishnu. This statue will be the tallest statue in the world. This statue has a height of 20 meters, to form part of the way of the Lord Vishnu sleeveless. Later this statue will have a height 150 meters high and 64 meters wide.

In this place you can also watch the beautiful sunset. From a height of 263 meters above sea level, you can see the sun set with a serene. Occasionally you can also see planes landing at Ngurah Rai Airport. Moreover, in the Vishnu Plaza, one part of GWK, Balinese dance performances are held, such as Barong and Kecak dance.

Kecak Dance

On the GWK there are also many souvenir shops. You can hunt for souvenirs typical of Bali which beautiful and antique. If you are hungry, some restaurants provide a variety of Balinese food.

Sights and attractions in the GWK will steal your heart. Not only that, but the GWK will be a symbol to protect and maintain the universe with its statue of the god Vishnu. While in Bali, devote some time to visit the GWK. Here you can enjoy the beauty of Bali from a different side.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Various Tourist Attraction in Bali

Bali map
Bali Map

Various Tourist Attractions in Bali that interesting and worth a visit while on vacation or just a walk with a friend, spouse, or with your family.

This post is a continuation of my previous post entitled "List of attractions in Bali".
The following is a list of objects of tourism in Bali:

11. Legian Beach
Legian Bali is a tourist attraction that is very well known, is located on the north coast of Kuta. Legian Beach In Indonesia, a name that foreigners often use to refer to the name of this beach. Legian beach is one beach that must be visited while vacationing in Indonesia than Kuta beach.

12. Tanjung Benoa
Tanjung Benoa is located adjacent to Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa beach has white sand with the waves are not too big. The place is very popular, for those who love water sports, Tanjung Benoa is a tourist spot that should not be missed.

13. Ubud
Ubud is located in Gianyar regency which has many artists and can be said to be the cultural center of Bali arts, specifically painting and carving. You can reach Ubud for a half hour from Denpasar airport.

14. Bali Safari Marine Park
It is one of three zoos in Indonesia. Located in three villages in Gianyar regency, Bali. Provide a place for wildlife in their natural habitat, which is built with a blend of Balinese culture. There are different kinds of rare animals from third countries such as Indonesia, India and Africa. Consists of 80 species and 400 rare species from Indonesia.

15. Bali Bird Park
Bali Bird Park is located in the village of Singapadu, District Ubud, Gianyar Bali. Bali Bird Park is one of the largest bird park in Indonesia. Built on a land area of ​​two acres, this park has a various collections of birds. Both local and non-local birds. This bird park is one of the favorite attractions for tourists who visit Bali.

16. Tampak Siring
Tampak Siring, a village in Gianyar regency. Tampak Siring also possess another name that many people know, the Tirta Empul. Tirta Empul is the name of a temple located in the village Tampak Siring visited by many tourists, both foreign and domestic tourists. In this temple there is a spring and is also used by the Hindus to bathing and begged tirta suci.

17. New Kuta Green Park Pecatu
New Kuta Green Park for water recreation is very suitable if you want to take children for a vacation in the island of the gods. This resort provides a new option for family recreation during a holiday in Bali. This resort has several facilities that have not been there in Bali.

18. Lovina Beach
Lovina Beach, including a tourist attraction in the North coast of Bali. Exactly 10 km to the west of the city of Singaraja. Its location in the village of Kalibukbuk, Buleleng regency, Bali. Therefore, better known as Kalibukbuk. Lovina area is famous for its performances of wild dolphins in the sea. On the beach there are hundreds of dolphins. To be able to see dolphins in action, you have to go to sea before sunrise. The dolphins will be popping up between the hours of 6 to 8 o'clock.

19. Kintamani
One of the attractions in Bali visited by domestic and foreign tourists is Kintamani. Located in the district of Kintamani, Bangli district. Kintamani are providing views of the hills with fresh air and temperatures ranging from 18 degrees Celsius. The main thing that makes the attraction of this tourist area is the view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

20. Pura Uluwatu
Situated on top of a cliff with a height of about 97 m above sea level. In contrast to the views of Tanah Lot temple, tourists who travel to this temple will witness the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean with the waves that hit the foot of the cliff. In addition, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful sunset of tourism in Bali.Tourists can also watch a traditional Balinese dance, the Kecak Dance. This dance is performed by 50-100 dancers  .

That bali tourist attractions that are generally frequented by tourists. So, enjoy your holiday! Hopefully useful.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best Places for White Water Rafting in Indonesia

whitewater rafting in Indonesia
Citarik River
For fans of rafting, Indonesia is a paradise. The best place for rafting will challenge your guts. These places keep their own uniqueness, there are dense forests to challenging rapids.

Swift currents of the river, a large number of river rocks, rapids charming, as well as natural green landscape, will be able to find during a rafting trip. White-water rafting, is more than just a sport. In addition to adrenaline, rafting is a great stress reliever. These 6 locations whitewater rafting in Indonesia:

1. Alas River, Aceh

whitewater rafting in Indonesia
Alas River
Starting from the western region of Indonesia, the Alas River rafting is a challenging location in Aceh. Alas River flows and splitting the Gunung Leuser National Park, Aceh. Not only a very swift current, but the river also has sharp bends. It takes stamina, courage, and a strong instinct, to ply this river.

For starters, the Alas River rafting starts from Muarasitulan Kutacane City to Gelombang City. As for the professional, adventurous can take a longer route, starting from Angusan that are close to Blangkejeran. Alas river quite well known among sports fans rafting.

In addition, the scenery around the river is still very natural. Do not be surprised, if you see monkeys, deer or elephants drinking at the river banks.

2. Citarik River, West Java

Every weekend, the River Citarik visited by people of Jakarta, Bandung and its surroundings. Citarik River located in Mount Halimun National Park, Cikadang, Sukabumi, West Java.

Citarik River Flows quite challenging, swift currents that will test your mettle. However, the river also has its own charm, the waterfall. Waterfalls in several places around the River Citarik, will be releasing your thirst.

There are many agencies that offer rafting packages. The route and the price ranges. There is a journey of one hour spent with a distance of only 5 miles, to spend 4 hours with a distance of 17 km. Choose which suits your taste and your stamina!

3. Elo River, Central Java

whitewater rafting in Indonesia
Elo river
Still on the island of Java, Elo River in Magelang also interesting to be forded. Elo River, located in the village of Blondo, Magelang regency, Central Java. This river close to Borobudur and about 40 minutes from Yogyakarta.

Elo rivers suitable for beginners. However, you must remain vigilant, because the current is quite swift. The structure of the river is quite skewed and its rapids are quite heavy, making you have to be extra careful. Elo river wading trip can take 2-3 hours, so prepare your stamina.

In some quiet place, you can also swim in this river.

4. Ayung River, Bali

whitewater rafting in Indonesia
Ayung River
Bali is not only Kuta, Sanur, or Nusa Dua, but the Ayung River has been a favorite destination. Many domestic or foreign travelers visited and challenging adrenaline in this place. Ayung River Rafting is located in the village of Payangan Ubud, Bali.

Rafting on the Ayung River, begins in Payangan and ends in the village of Kedewatan. Rafting path length is 12 kilometers and takes about 2 hours. Along the way, the swift currents and large river rocks will challenge you!

Interestingly, at some certain points you can see the cliff carvings are beautiful and great works of Ubud artists.

5. Lamandau River, Central Kalimantan

Borneo is a green area with many large trees. In Borneo, you will find a huge rivers and long. One is Lamandau River in Central Kalimantan.

Lamandau River in the village of Riam Tinggi, District Delang, Lamandau district, Central Kalimantan. If rafting on the river, then you are as taken to another world. The trees are tall, dense tropical forest, and the river is great, will add to the thrill of adventure.

Lamandau River, has a strong current and rapids charming. Plus the winding river, will be an unforgettable experience.

6. Nimanga River, North Sulawesi

whitewater rafting in Indonesia
Nimanga River
Not only Bunaken, North Sulawesi Nimanga River is also a must-see when you visit there. The river is located in the village of Timbukar, Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi. Nimanga River will provide a different experience.

River Nimanga provide challenging rafting. This river has a 5-level cascade. Not surprisingly, there are rafting on the Nimanga river as high as 4 meters! Of course it takes guts and the strong compactness to pass through.

Wading River Nimanga can take up to 5 hours. If you are tired, you can relax by the river and enjoy its natural beauty. If lucky, you can meet with yaki, typical Sulawesi monkeys (Macaca nigra) and tarsiers.

That is a challenging rafting locations in Indonesia.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mummies from Wamena, Papua

indonesian tourism
Wim Motok Mabel

Wim Motok Mabel. That designation mummified sacred by the citizens of the District Kerulu, Baliem Valley. This 278-year-old mummy preserved in the traditional way. The mummy is so powerful magnet for tourists in Papua.

When residents of the District Kerulu, issued a 'Wim Motok Mabel' from the honai, mummy looked so frail. His body crouched hugging her knees. Head tilted back, brownish-black bones. Two holes like eyes staring blankly into space. His mouth dropped open, his hands holding the knees which have porous with age.

This is traditionally preserved mummy. Wim Motok Mabel is one of two mummies of the most famous in Baliem Valley, Papua. Travels to the District Kurulu, takes 30 minutes from the city of Wamena.

indonesian tourism
Mummy in front of Honai
In local languages​​, Wim mean war. Motok means the commander, and Mabel is his real name. This is the mummy of a warlord who respected all over the valley. On the neck of the mummy was found a necklace made ​​of composite rope. To ensure that age, you can calculate the amount of rope tied around the neck of the mummy.

the mummies preserved by way of smoked, smeared with lard.

Before he died the mummy know, if preserved will bring happiness and success of offspring alive. Also always victorious in war.

indonesian tourism
Mummy to be smoked for 200 days in the special honai, away from residential areas. Before he moved into the home of his descendants, all the villagers hold a special ceremony called Ako Ap. Maintenance of a mummy with a re-Smoked still do to this day.

You can take pictures as much, at a cost of only Rp 300,000.

Local residents, who still uses koteka and skirts made ​​from straw, also sell handicrafts to tourists. They cost a bit more expensive than elsewhere. You may reject it, or just buy for the welfare of local people.

indonesian tourism
The Village

Mummies from wamena, papua

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