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Mummies from Wamena, Papua

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Wim Motok Mabel

Wim Motok Mabel. That designation mummified sacred by the citizens of the District Kerulu, Baliem Valley. This 278-year-old mummy preserved in the traditional way. The mummy is so powerful magnet for tourists in Papua.

When residents of the District Kerulu, issued a 'Wim Motok Mabel' from the honai, mummy looked so frail. His body crouched hugging her knees. Head tilted back, brownish-black bones. Two holes like eyes staring blankly into space. His mouth dropped open, his hands holding the knees which have porous with age.

This is traditionally preserved mummy. Wim Motok Mabel is one of two mummies of the most famous in Baliem Valley, Papua. Travels to the District Kurulu, takes 30 minutes from the city of Wamena.

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Mummy in front of Honai
In local languages​​, Wim mean war. Motok means the commander, and Mabel is his real name. This is the mummy of a warlord who respected all over the valley. On the neck of the mummy was found a necklace made ​​of composite rope. To ensure that age, you can calculate the amount of rope tied around the neck of the mummy.

the mummies preserved by way of smoked, smeared with lard.

Before he died the mummy know, if preserved will bring happiness and success of offspring alive. Also always victorious in war.

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Mummy to be smoked for 200 days in the special honai, away from residential areas. Before he moved into the home of his descendants, all the villagers hold a special ceremony called Ako Ap. Maintenance of a mummy with a re-Smoked still do to this day.

You can take pictures as much, at a cost of only Rp 300,000.

Local residents, who still uses koteka and skirts made ​​from straw, also sell handicrafts to tourists. They cost a bit more expensive than elsewhere. You may reject it, or just buy for the welfare of local people.

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The Village

Mummies from wamena, papua


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