Sunday, October 28, 2012

Liang beach in Ambon

Liang Beach in Ambon
Liang Beach in Ambon

Ambon has a diverse natural tourist destinations. Liang beach, for example, has a beautiful stretch of white sand. This beach is often visited by foreign tourists for its beautiful coastline and natural underwater.

Ambon is not just the capital of Maluku province. The city became a center of tourism and education. Pattimura Airport became air transportation gateway. The beauty of nature is diverse ranging from the islands, volcanoes, the hills, the bay, to the lake. Everything is integrated in the local hospitality.

There are various tourist destinations in Ambon, from history to nature. Call it sculpture Pattimura at Merdeka Square, the Statue of Martha Christina Tiahahu in Karang Panjang, Trikora Monument in Urimesing, until 'Monument Australia' in laha and 'Monument Japan' in Tawiri.

When discussing the beaches, there Namalatu Beach, NatsepaIndah Beach, Santgai Beach, Pintu Kota Beach and Hunimua Beach or better known as Liang Beach.

Liang Beach is located 40 km from the International Airport Pattimura. This beach has white sand along the 1 km with a width of 300 m. No wonder, if Liang beach is often visited by foreign tourists from Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, and Netherlands. Tourists are usually dive and enjoy the underwater panorama of Liang Beach.

In addition, tourists can also fishing. Followed by eating grilled fish, salad Natsepa, and coconut. They enjoy the beauty of Liang beach when the sun sets.

In addition to the clean white sand, this beach has crystal clear water. The photographers would often stop and take pictures at the beach for a photo contest national and international levels.
Liang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Many foreign tourists who have tasted the beauty of Liang. Are you interested to visit?

Liang Beach in Ambon
Liang Beach in Ambon
Liang Beach in Ambon
Liang Beach in Ambon
Liang Beach in Ambon
Liang Beach in Ambon
Liang Beach in Ambon
Liang Beach in Ambon


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